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We’re BloomU.

We’re here to work.

We believe opportunity belongs to those who are ready to work for it and unafraid to do something great with it. But it’s not just for us. As a Husky, every step you take pulls the whole pack forward.

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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to college. As your guide, we’re here for every twist and turn. We’ve mapped out major landmarks, timing, and some helpful tools to get you on your way and up the hill.

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“Bloomsburg taught me more about myself than anything. I have learned how to adapt to any and every situation. I can handle whatever life throws at me.”

Rashee Hall ’19


What makes us Huskies, makes all the difference.

Following our instincts. Pushing on where others turn back. Taking care of our own. Huskies come from all walks of life, but charge forward as a team. It’s a spirit that defines our pack and a grit that stands out wherever we go. From the classroom to the sports field to the workforce, discover what it means to take on any climb like a Husky.

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“I became a person I never imagined, and I’m so thankful for that. Seeing my shy self in high school versus now I would have never imagined it.”

Katie Behie

‘19 Business Administration, Marketing

Let’s live and earn.

From whiteboard to boardroom to bedside. Employers spot it right away. There’s a high value on a Bloom degree, and for the person who earned it. Because Huskies show up ready to lead.

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