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Financial Aid - Special Groups

Special Categories

Certain types of students, learning experiences, and academic sessions have additional procedures in place related to financial aid. Email our office or give us a call at 570-389-4297 if you have additional questions not answered below.

Financial aid for transfer students will not automatically transfer to Bloomsburg University from your previous school.  Email our office or give us a call at 570-389-4297 to ensure that all financial aid forms have been received.

Steps to Transfer Aid

  • Update your FAFSA to indicate Bloomsburg University as your first school choice.
  • Update your Pennsylvania State Grant record to Bloomsburg University.  This may be done through PHEAA's Account Access. (PA residents only)
  • Contact your current school to be sure pending aid is not disbursed for the semesters you will not be attending and has been cancelled.
  • For private scholarships, contact the scholarship to notify them you will be attending Bloomsburg University.
  • All academic transcripts from previous schools attended must be sent to Bloomsburg University's Admissions Office. Evaluation of transfer credits must be completed prior to financial aid being finalized.
  • Monitor your MyHusky To Do List and your Bloomsburg University email account for additional items that may be requested for aid.

This information is only for currently enrolled degree students at BU. If you're attending BU during the summer to transfer credits to your home school, please contact your school's financial aid office for more information. We cannot process financial aid on your behalf.

  • Federal Pell Grant: Undergraduate students who meet the eligibility criteria may receive a Federal Pell Grant.
  • Summer Pennsylvania State Grant: Undergraduate students who are PA residents enrolled for a minimum of six-degree credits may possibly qualify for a PA State Grant. A separate summer application must be completed through PHEAA. Please note: The summer semester counts toward the maximum of eight semesters of eligibility.
  • Federal Direct Student, PLUS, and GradPLUS Loans: If you are enrolled at least half-time (Undergraduate students: six degree credits / Graduate or Doctoral students: five degree credits) and meet the eligibility criteria, you may receive federal loans for enrollment during the summer.  Please note: Any Direct Student Loans received during the summer will apply to the yearly academic grade level limits.
  • State Loans: Eligibility criteria differ by loan program. Prior to applying for a loan, please contact us to make certain you have no other aid available.
  • Private Education Alternative Loans: Eligibility criteria differ by loan program. Prior to applying for a loan, please contact us to make certain you have no other aid available.
  • Work-Study: Students who meet the eligibility criteria and wish to participate in the work-study program for the summer do not need to be enrolled for summer classes as long as the student is scheduled to return to BU for the fall semester on at least a half-time basis.

Types of Aid

There is not a separate disbursement of federal/state aid for the winter semester. Any credits taken during the winter semester will be combined with your spring credits to determine eligibility.  To be eligible for federal/state aid for the winter semester, you must be enrolled in the spring semester. Any federal/state aid awarded for the winter semester will be disbursed with the spring disbursement. Contact the Bursar's Office (570-389-4013) to give permission to use these funds towards winter charges.

If you are enrolled for the winter semester and do not qualify for federal/state aid or need additional aid not covered by federal/state sources, you may apply for State or Private Educational Alternative Loans. These loans may be disbursed during the winter semester. Please schedule an appointment with our staff once you know how many credits you will be taking during in the winter semester.

In many cases, financial aid can be used to assist in meeting expenses for a study abroad experience. Students must meet all eligibility criteria for receiving financial aid. Please email Gail Stradnick to discuss your options.

Students in the Medical Imaging and Medical Laboratory Science Clinical Program will have their financial aid processed differently than in previous years. Often times, it will not be made available until closer to the program start date. It is important for students to review the manual, check emails frequently and understand that aid may not cover all costs associated with this program. Additional financial aid program information is available in our manual for Clinical Medical Imaging students.

Under a special consortium agreement, students who are enrolled at Bloomsburg University may take courses at another institution to count toward the degree being earned here as well as have their financial aid processed for these courses through our office. In this instance, BU is considered your "home school" and the other institution is considered your "host school."

It is your responsibility to request the consortium through BU's Financial Aid Office and provide all required information. In order to process this consortium agreement, you must provide us with:

  • Notification that the "Prior Approval of Transfer" from has been completed and submitted to the Registrar's Office. Please notify us by emailing Gail Stradnick.
  • Name of the host school you will be attending along with your host school student id
  • Name and contact information (phone, email, and fax) at the host school where BU is to send the financial aid consortium agreement

Please Note: Financial Aid will not process the agreement unless and until all of the above information is submitted. It is strongly recommended that you provide the above information to Financial Aid at least 6 weeks prior to enrolling at the host school. Once all of the appropriate information is submitted, we will request information from the other institution verifying your enrollment status for the time period covered by the agreement. By signing the agreement, the host school also agrees to notify BU if you withdraw or drop classes from your schedule. The host school must also notify BU if it makes available any financial resources to you or becomes aware of any financial aid being made available to you from outside resources. Although the agreement requires the host school to notify BU if there is a change in your enrollment, you must also notify Financial Aid immediately if you make any changes to your schedule at the host school.

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